Friday, March 19, 2010

We went to my doctor today and for the first time, we heard the heart beat. It was so awesome to hear it. It did bring me to tears. But I did hold back from crying. I swear I was glowing when we heard the little heart beat, it was going so fast, it was 150, if that means anything.
In a month we will be going back and getting an ultra sound, and by then we might know what we are having, but might not. I'm so anxious for the ultra sound. We are both way excited, just now having to buy all of the baby stuff, oh boy!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Yesterday was our third year anniversary. I love being married. Garth got me three gerber daisy's, for the amount of years we have been married. And the other best thing he got us were some girls scout samoa cookies, I was so excited.
There have been some changes since our last post. Back in Feb, we went to Denver for a convention for Garth, I just hung out at the hotel while he was at his meetings. I was to afraid to go out by myself, I would have got lost. It was a long drive both ways, but it was pretty. I was kinda jealous of Denver cause they hardly had any snow, but it was way cold. (Not a fan of cold and snow.)
And we have some good news for everyone, we are expecting our first child. We will hopefully find out in May what we are having. We are due at the end of September, which is perfect timing for my mom to come up and help a first timer, kinda scared. I can't wait to get to the fourth month, then I can get over the nausea, not a fan.
We will be sure to keep everyone posted.