Thursday, March 12, 2009

The 10th of this month was our 2nd anniversary. I'm truly blessed to be married to Garth. It has been a wonderful 2 years. I wouldn't change anything. We both did work on our anniversary, but we did go to dinner, to the Olive Garden, yummy! He gave me two roses, signifiying our two years of marriage.
We are in the process of buying a house up in Soda Springs, Idaho. It is a very nice house, and pretty big, for us, compared to where we are living now. It does have 5 bedrooms. But only three will be used, when we start having children, only 2. But we will see what we will do with the other rooms. We are way excited to move up there in about 6 weeks.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

We went down to Ogden today for the Train Show. It was so much fun. I've never been to one before. We met up with Garths farther. I had so much fun watching his dad, it was kinda like a little kid in a candy store.
It was fun to see the history of the railroad at the Utah Railroad Museum. And The Browning Fire Arms Museum. That is where Garth looked like a kid in a candy store.