Saturday, April 25, 2009

It has been a hard week. I was way happy to quit walmart, but sad to leave all the friends I made at work. Some of them surprised me at Sizzler for dinner. I never caught on when I saw some of them. I thought it was cool to see them there. When Amber and I were heading to go sit down, we were heading into the big room in the back. And when we walked in, I saw some more people. It made me happy, excited, nervous, and then I almost started to cry, but held back from crying.
It was hard on Wednesday when Amber was getting off. But then it was hard on Thursday. I was really emotional. It was really hard for me to stay. So I went and told all of my friends good-bye, and I did cry on their shoulders. I did feel really dumb. I do miss all of those friends I made at work.
Today, which is Saturday, was our moving day. We had help form his sister Kaykyn. And Paul and Mariko helped us take our last load up to our home. It was a fun day, till we had to get busy with the unpacking. I don't think that is not much fun. I look at all of the boxes and think "Why?" After you do get married, you do end up getting more things.
I hope to have everything unpacked and out of the way by next weekend, when we have family coming up. It is going to be tons of fun!!!

Friday, April 10, 2009

We bought our first home!

On Wednesday, we were on our way up to Soda Springs to sign on our house. And when we got to Smithfield, the truck started having problems. We had to turn back home to the get car, which almost made us late, but we made it on time, at least. We did one more walk through of our house. And finally signed our life away. I've never signed or initialed my name as much as we did that day. But it is well worth it. We are so excited to move up there and get away from Logan.