Wednesday, January 21, 2009

We went down to Cedar City this past weekend. It was fun, and nice to get away from Logan for the weekend. I went to farm after I went for a little run. Garth had me climb the fence to go where they were, which was behind a corral with a bull in it. The only way to get there was to go through the corral. I was very scared, because of bulls and how scary they are. We went to the other end of the corral, and I stood in there for awhile, still watching my back, because I didn't want to look back and see it right behind me. But I did go to the area where they were so I wouldn't be in there with the bull anymore.
But we had a fun weekend. We like going out of town and seeing our families. We haven't been to Cedar City since last May. It seems like the year had gone so fast, and it is weird that it is 2009.
Happy New Year to everyone. We wish everyone to happiness in their lives, and peace. Lets hope this year will be a good year.